Using the Law of Attraction to achieve the body you desire

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Using the Law of Attraction to achieve the body you desire

I absolutely LOVE the article that Jeannette Maw wrote about losing weight.  I am challenged with carrying a lot of excess weight (baggage of a variety of forms I’m sure) and part of my LOA journey is to solve the mystery behind the shape I am.

What I love about Jeanette’s article is that she stresses that we don’t necessarily know what food or exercise serves our body best… But our body does. I’ve always thought this way. You have to follow your inner guidance as it knows best. What serves you nutritionally could be my undoing. And vice versa. Why have i ignored my inner voice?

Obviously I need to be honest with myself and listen to what I’m being told in earnest. I can’t just continue to ignore that inner voice. However, if it’s a ‘yes’ from my inner guidance to ‘Lager’ but a ‘No’  to ‘Red wine’ then Lager it needs to be! Is this a strange example? No, not really, again it’s about what is right for you uniquely on a’ body, mind and spirit’ basis. The action to take is whatever feel best.

Conscious creators know it’s all vibrational. And each of us is unique.  We can’t copy eating habits or exercise routines that succeed for others and expect the same results.

If I can learn to hear what my inner voice wants from within the vibration of ‘bodily love’ there should be a transformation as all  I have to do is give ‘her’ what she wants.

I think I got in the mess I’m in because Iwasn’t listening to ‘her’ voice. I know she would have been speaking to me, I just didn’t listen.  So, anything I now do in the act of loving myself to the best body I can achieve, will be based on a simple rule – I will ask my inner voice if this is right for me or not and resolutely take no notice of the advice from others. Learning to trust and respond to my body’s preference is my only work. You CAN and MUST trust whatever your body asks you to do.

Jeannette Maw summed it up beautifully, she writes…

If I were writing an article on how to lose weight with law of attraction, I’d say this:

Find the frequency of what you want, then do what feels best.

That’s it.

Finding the frequency of your desire could be done many ways:

  • adopting a body-love practice
  • act as if you are already in the body you want
  • visualise your ideal physical self
  • affirming what you want (instead of what actually is)
  • read a healthy body activiation script
  • or even just reading the healthy body activation script or the sexy body version

To use your creative powers to manifest a more ideal body, just engage your skills to find the vibration of what you want and let your body lead you to it.

Thanks Jeannette. Link to Jeanettes article: Losing weight with the law of attraction


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