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NEWweb-authentic-mermaid-LOBeing a Mermaid I must confess to feeling much the same as the Lion Fish when I see an unusual metal object that glints and shines or somehow catches my attention.  I am a sucker for anything glittery or sparkly ~ but I don’t do bling, bling is overwhelming & it’s certainly too much for me.I do  little bits of exquisite. I favour unique treasures. I keep it understated and elegantly beautiful if I can describe it that way.

iconnect2My most recent ‘covet’ are these superb little pendants, pieces of precious ‘META’  metalwork that have me transfixed everytime I see photos of them.

They are the creation of Gregory Hoag of MetaForms in the USA. They are based on sacred geometry, energy and chakras which I am also fascinated by so these pieces tick all the boxes.

Alas, I have not yet beeiconnectn able to acquire one as they are hundreds of dollars each but who knows what could happen in time!  Here’s sketches of the i-connect (no gem cabouchons) and also the heart companions that are available. The ‘Heart Companion’ is an advanced sacred geometric tool that opens your heart to Source, while grounding you to Mother Earth. It’s energy Jewellery Technology blending beauty and empowerment.