Oil Pulling

I drink loads of Tea during the day – it’s my one weakness (!)

There is very little in this world that cannot be sorted out over a cuppa. The downside is that my teeth get stained by the tannins in the Tea and as a Public Speaker for Natural beauty this creates an image dilemma:  so…I want whiter teeth but I don’t want to give up my favourite cuppa or haveto resort to using unwelcome chemicals to bleach my teeth to whiter than white.

I’m trialling a way out of this dilemma by using natural methods to keep on top of staining as I can’t give up my beloved cup of Tea, that would be cruel.

Oil pulling and using an Activated Charcoal powder mouthwash are two supposedly efficient natural ways to brighten the teeth. This blog is about Oil Pulling and my next is on using Activated Charcoal. These are the ways that appeal to me and apart from being safe they are also pretty economical too.

If you aren’t familiar with Oil Pulling, it is simply slowly swishing natural oil in the mouth around the teeth for a period of time (5-20 minutes) and then spitting it out in the sink. Sounds easy enough to me!

From what I read the best choices are natural oils like Sesame or Coconut oil (fractionated is ok too). I know some people add essential oils but I’ve decided to go plain until I know the results of just using the oils by themselves.

As I am often short on time at the beginning of the day I was pleased to read about a great way of preparing for daily oil pulling by using pre-made coconut pulling chews. You place melted coconut oil into ice moulds and put them in the fridge to re-harden. The result is a simple-to-use pre-mixed oil pulling chews. I keep these in the fridge so they maintain their shape and also so that they are cool when I use them since it helps with the texture at the beginning. It takes just 5 minutes to get this organised so it will fit into my busy schedule perfectly.

My recipe is based on Wellness Mamas oil pulling recipe.


  1. Melt about 4 fluid ounces of coconut oil until just barely liquid. Remove from heat and then pour the liquid coconut into ice cube moulds and put them in the fridge or freezer to harden. When done, remove from molds and store in a jar. Use one per day as needed for oil pulling.

I’ve already started my trial and I will be teaming this oil pulling up with using activated charcoal too!


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