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This is my Law of Attraction Diary. I’ve been fast forwarding my understanding of how to align to and benefit from the Law of Attraction by being surrounded by positive role models and following their lead.  Here are just a few of these fantastic leaders… Estelle Black, Esther Hicks, Janey Lee Grace, Bob Proctor, Christie Marie Sheldon, Einstein, Jason Stephenson, Walter Wattles, Arielle Ford, and Carly Hope to name but a few. You are the voices in my head.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who is willing to share this priceless wisdom, I am so thankful about what I am learning that out of respect to these great role models my intention is to share what I know too. Amanda x

Diary Events – mostly ‘out of the blue’ and entirely unexpected! (oldest last).

It took just 3 months of using a blend of my own techniques and things I had been taught by others for the LOA to get up proper momentum. In April I learned the LOA language to use, to trust theLOA energy that flows and how it all feels  amazing. Interestingly, it was in April 2015 that I felt something ‘click’ and it certainly had, before that there was good stuff of course but not at the pace and frequency that it is now arriving.

I expect good things to happen all the time from now on for me personally and my businesses! I’m incredibly grateful and feel totally blessed.

  • 3rd June: Today we turned over in only ONE DAY the equivalent of our typical turnover in ONE WEEK.
  • 2nd June: Money arrived in the business bank account earlier than expected.
  • 1st June: 20 (yes, TWENTY!) gorgeous Kites flew above my back garden for nearly 45 minutes.
  • 29th May: Discovered a company that can reduce my business postal charges by nearly 30% – a huge financial saving and simpler administrative for no effort at all on my part!
  • 21st May: A very dear friend got in touch after years of absence and invited me to the South of France for a holiday at his home there.
  • 20th May: Able to take a day off effortlessly
  • 18th May: New Spa range order for Luxury Yacht in France confirmed for The Artisan Spa
  • 17th May: Watching a random documentary  and shown the perfect solution to a problem I had.
  • 12th May: Notified of unexpected inheritance (Size doesn’t matter!)
  • 11th May: Editorial in major magazine  for my Law of Attraction nail varnishes
  • 10th May: More money in Detox Shop’s business account than expected
  • 9th May: Discovered I’d dropped a dress size
  • 30th April: Money transferred into bank account 2 days earlier than expected
  • 25th April: Blood tests and Scan results all negative
  • 23rd April: Took a wrong turn and so had to do a three point turn in a layby. I saw a House in my rear view mirror that’s identical to the house on my Vision board (it was tucked out of site from the road)
  • 18th April: New Spa range order for Luxury Hotel in UK confirmed for The Artisan Spa
  • 15th April: Easily started to get to sleep without sleeping  pills.
  • 14th April 2015: New Spa range order for Luxury International Hotel confirmed for The Artisan Spa