Just get in the water

Just get in the water

Paying a visit to a thriving underwater reef is like swimming in a pool full of priceless mindfulness moments.

Mindfulness is maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of any of our thoughts, our feelings, sensation in our bodies and the surrounding environment – mindfulness can easily get lost in and among the business of life making it an easy concept to understand but less easy to remember to do.

Every thing you look at in the best underwater spaces deserves your attention and plenty of open minded lingering observation. I take my place opposite the reef about 12 metres under the surface of the Sea, and then hang like a bauble on a Christmas tree and wait for the reef to open up to me. In my experience you need to do very little but wait and accept that whatever the Reef wants to gift you is the most precious thing for you at that time.

Some Divers choose to waste their limited air supply simply dashing round the reef, seeing how many underwater metres they can circumnavigate before someone in their group calls ‘time’ and everyone has to get out of the water. What these Divers don’t realise is that as soon as their underwater stampede approaches the inhabitants of the reef hide away. The only things that many Divers get a good look at on such scuba excursions are the tips of the fins of the diver swimming ahead of them. I’ve lost count of the times that I nearly got left behind the Dive party because I wanted to stop moving and just look.

I took up underwater photography so that I had an excuse not to move around underwater. I didn’t take that many photos though, I’d get so engrossed in what I am observing that often I’d forget to take the photo!

My mindfulness moments underwater have meant that I have had some unique experiences…I’d also like to add that in my opinion universal energy has a wry sense of humour.

pygmy-lion-fish-very-closeuIf you are wondering about the photograph that accompanies this blog post it is a photo I took of a tiny chap (a baby pygmy Lionfish – written name is bigger than he is) who was sitting high up out of reach on a piece of rope that was suspended over an expanse of sea grass. I was doing my own thing (as ever) distracted by the colours and textures on the water worn rope. Out of camera shot, directly under this rope, were a large group of SCUBA divers avidly searching in the seagrass to get a picture of …..a baby pygmy Lionfish, the fish I had discovered when I wasn’t looking. When I saw him I simply took a quick snapshot of the fish and moved on my way. I let this little fish win the round of hide and seek and didn’t disturb him by letting on he was there. In return I ended up bagging a rare picture that I’m delighted with.


You’d be surprised what the Universal energy can do to astonish and delight you if you are open to its boundless mindfulness magic. Just get in the water, take that plunge, focus on mindfulness moments…and remember to pack your sense of humour. The generosity of the Universal energy and its ability to infinitely configure itself  means what you are seeking is going to be delivered to you in the most divine and unexpected way. Every moment could be the bearer of the most incredible experience. Universal energy has so much that it has to show and tell. It is both mysterious and magnificent and it works in an effortless way to achieve miracles that are beyond my scope or imagination.   My advice to you?…Just get in the water.


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