A wreath of nesting materials

//A wreath of nesting materials

A wreath of nesting materials

I’ve been planning a lot of changes in my back garden and if I had to choose a ‘theme’ it will be based  on all that I love so much about an underwater reef’!  I have chosen features, shapes and plants that remind me of my favorite underwater spaces. It’s turning out to be a fun and original thing to do.

Looking after the Reef habitat is very much part and parcel of any diving experience. If you had ever visited a barren reef you’d understand what I mean. I’ve seen flourishing habitats and ones which are now completely bare. I can make a difference in my back yard, so my intention is to do something to help the natural wildlife and manifest a habitat for them that makes a safe haven for wildlife that visits and moves in.

There is so much building work that is taking place in our area of Oxfordshire, and nature of all kinds is being displaced at an incredible rate.  So, I am consciously providing whatever I can imagine that could be helpful to the Birds, Bees, Frogs, Butterflies, Hoverflies and Hedgehogs that may pass through my garden.

I’ve decided that it would be timely to make a fab wreath  to help nesting birds. I saw a wreath in a garden centre and it’s basically the wreath frame stuffed with bits and pieces that Birds love to use for nesting materials. I would normally sweep or throw this kind of thing away so it was an eye opener for me to see the price to buy this kind of  wreath that I could make for next to nothing at home.


Work in progress! The start of my wreath for nesting birds

Here’s what I did:

I clipped back one of the unruly climbers  and used some of the whippy stems for the wreath framework.

I looped the stems and tied them into shape securely with some short lengths of wire.

Then I gathered bits of lint from the tumble drier, teased out some fur from the dog grooming brush, collected bits of twigs, moss and a variety of fallen leaves … and tucked them in and between the whippy stems of the makeshift wreath.

I then hung the wreath close to a huge tree where most of the birds love to swoop in and out.

It took me 5 minutes (start to finish) and cost next to nothing as I used ‘upcycled’ materials. Although the wreath did not have the professional look of some of the wreaths that had been expertly  manufactured I doubt that the birds will mind… all they’ll be interested in is making their nests warm and homey with this free and easy supply.

Of course, I’ll continue to fill the wreath as the bits and bobs get removed and put to use by the nesting birds.

Sweet. Snug. Easy. Bless the birds x



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