Fresh Lavender Water – and it is homemade!

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Fresh Lavender Water – and it is homemade!

I am so inspired by the fresh green plant shoots that appear  at the beginning of Summer here in the UK that I decided to try something I’ve always wanted to do…to make a hydrosol – a flower water.

The production process to extract essential oils from plants normally requires a Still of some description. Steam is passed through the Still and travels over plant pieces, heating them so that they give up the oils in the plant material. As the steam is then cooled it turns into an oil and water mix:  The oil sinks and the water floats. The oil contains the wonderful Essential Oil and the water, known as the Hydrosol, is the water based version of the Plant essence collected.

I have always thought it would be difficult to be able to make Lavender water using the kinds of pans available in an average kitchen but I have been able to prove myself wrong. I made a pretty fine Lavender water (hydrosol) using a basic saucepan and a bag of ice. Fab!

Here’s is what I did and it took less than 30minutes from start to finish!

I put 500ml of spring water in the bottom of a saucepan and added 30g freshly picked lavender tips and flowers from English and French plants from the garden.

I placed a little bowl on a shallow plinth in the middle of the saucepan and turned on the heat to create a gentle roll.

The lid went on (upside down) and then I put a bag of icecubes on the inverted lid to cool the condensation. I made sure I covered over any holes in the lid first.

The condensation that dripped into the collection bowl under the lid handle was the Lavender water I wanted.

lavender water for website

It was SO quick. SO easy. I created about 50ml of pure fresh Lvender water. Scrummy!!! I’m keeping it in the fridge.


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