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Quantum Facebook & Spiritual ‘Friend requests’

As an inventor, entrepreneur and pioneer of new products I am often being told by others that what I am trying to achieve cannot be done. I’ve never yet had a failure though. If I can’t work it out, I deliberately tune into ‘Quantum Facebook’ and ask my higher self to help me find the [...]

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Just get in the water

Paying a visit to a thriving underwater reef is like swimming in a pool full of priceless mindfulness moments. Mindfulness is maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of any of our thoughts, our feelings, sensation in our bodies and the surrounding environment – mindfulness can easily get lost in and among the business of life making it [...]

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Sea Salt Body Polish inspired by the Reefside Cleaning Station

The Cleaning Station: At the side of the Reef where land meets the Big Blue you can often find a cleaning station. Fish of all shapes and sizes queue up at the Cleaning Stations and receive a 'pit stop' Spa treatment from a little fish (called a cleaner wrasse) and his team of helpers the [...]

…and the Fish ran away with the spoon!

One of my favourite dives underwater was when I was  on a particular photographic safari during my PADI underwater photography course. The Clown fish were not interested in the Spoon at all Our  mentor, a fantastic teacher called Maria Munn, had suggested we borrow a dessert spoon from the hotel restaurant and take [...]