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Fresh Lavender Water – and it is homemade!

I am so inspired by the fresh green plant shoots that appear  at the beginning of Summer here in the UK that I decided to try something I've always wanted to make a hydrosol - a flower water. The production process to extract essential oils from plants normally requires a Still of some description. [...]

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A wreath of nesting materials

I've been planning a lot of changes in my back garden and if I had to choose a 'theme' it will be based  on all that I love so much about an underwater reef'!  I have chosen features, shapes and plants that remind me of my favorite underwater spaces. It's turning out to be a [...]

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Ribbons for Easter wishes

I love the ancient celtic custom of tying  small lengths of pastel coloured ribbons to the branches of bushes and trees so that they wave in the wind like Tibetan prayer flags. This was a custom that was traditionally carried out at anytime of the year however I'm going to start a tradition of offering [...]

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