Can you incarnate with redundant soul contracts? Yes, it appears you can.

//Can you incarnate with redundant soul contracts? Yes, it appears you can.

Can you incarnate with redundant soul contracts? Yes, it appears you can.

There is a difference between your Sacred Contract and a Soul contract. The Sacred Contract is the agreement that your soul makes in order to progress on its pathway in this lifetime (This is where your soul agrees to the kinds of karmic lessons you’ll face, things you need to learn, experiences you’ll have, and circumstances you’ll find yourself in during this lifetime).

Soul Contracts are different though, because they are focused on the relationships you’ll have. These are contracts made between two souls whose interaction and relationship, no matter how brief, are important to the progression of your Sacred Contract.

A redundant soul contract is a past life commitment that is mistakenly carried forward and is acting like a beacon, attracting energy to itself that perpetuates a now redundant theme from way back when. This beacon, and what it attracts, can adversely affect and influence our current state of being; This is ‘stuff’ that has no place in this incarnation as it distorts our pathway, potentially ‘clouding the water’ to the point where it affects our ability to satisfy our Sacred Contract. My theory is that if you can extinguish this redundant beacon any associated problems will also dissolve away.

These redundant soul contracts are still present in the energy field as we incarnate. I thought that the slate was wiped completely clean when we incarnate but from the results of my pioneering healing work I’m not so sure.

I think redundant soul contracts persist beyond the previous incarnation because of the depth of the emotion driving the old contract and because proper closure wasn’t acknowledged (even if it was achieved). Take a moment to consider, then, how this could affect future incarnations IF you are in this kind of emotional lock down now.

Redundant soul contracts are unlikely to come through via Past life regression although echoes of the theme that the contract has manifested may be uncovered. Who knows how many incarnations this redundant theme could have affected?

Clearing any type of soul contract is a delicate process that I feel is akin to fine surgery. It is essential to know what you are doing and that you take it slow and steady, you can’t rush it. It could be you spend most of an entire session with a client just checking that the clearing you aim to perform is appropriate… and then the clearing takes a mere 5 minutes at the end (if it goes ahead at all!)

You are there to nurture your client rather than traumatise them too so be thoughtful, gentle and compassionate throughout this kind of session – they may not like what they are hearing about a past incarnation even if it resonates within them. In my experience, redundant soul contracts are often rooted in vengeful vows, threats and acts of abuse much more than they are associated with love inspired themes. Deliver the reality of what happened with real care. Apart from the obvious distress that it can cause your client on the emotional level, some of this stuff is so deep and meaningful that it could affect the chakras or integrity of the Aura. Support every aspect of your client’s energy field as this work will create a lot movement in it.

I’d like to also stress that you have a duty of care over the entire soul group. As a practitioner removing redundant soul contracts you must be able to clearly differentiate between an attempt (by your client) to duck out of a sacred contract or a veiled petition for sacred contract change. You have to be sure it is definitely a soul contract that’s redundant for the soul group and therefore holding them all back. If you are at all unsure step away.

Here are the questions I ask once I’m sure that muscle testing is clear:

  • Is this a soul contract that is REDUNDANT for everyone in the contractual soul group?
  • Would clearing the redundant contract be to the mutual and equal benefit of all parties it relates to?
  • Do ALL HIGHER SELVES associated with the contract give their permission for me to clear it?
  • Can ALL HIGHER SELVES associated with the contract agree unconditional forgiveness between souls.
  • Can I clear this contract and allow all parties to retain all relevant learning gained?

You’ll agree that all the questions are relevant and of high importance. As a passionate pioneer of new healing tools for intuitive energy work I was inspired to originate my Four Element Salt wands during a meditation. These intuitive healing tools are perfect when teamed up with Kinesiology, Reiki or other intuitive healing modality to help remove redundant soul contracts.

I have been using these Four Element Salt wands in clearing redundant soul contracts, vows or promises agreed and associated with previous lives. I’m sure that other natural crystals could also be used, as well as sound therapy although I’ve not tried then because I don’t have much knowledge of using them with this sort of work.

The session comprises distinct phases. First I test to ensure its ok to do the work with all souls involved in the group. Then I test the test integrity of the client’s energy field to ensure that is it strong enough to do this kind of deep work. I then muscle test to determine the nature of the contract and the kind of ‘theme’ we are dealing with. I then work on releasing the redundant contract and finally we work again on the integrity of the client’s energy field. I have used this technique very successfully and what a difference it makes.

I use Four Element Salt wands, muscle testing and intuitive channelling when I undertake this work, writing everything down so I have a record to reference later in case I decide to do some digging in the online history books.

I’m happy to hear from you if you are interested in this kind of work or if you have questions about the work I am pioneering.

If you would like to find out more about the process of how these sessions are run or more about the Four Element Salt wands then please visit my website at

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