Ascension, & the Voices in my head as I go to sleep

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Ascension, & the Voices in my head as I go to sleep

Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in Evolution.

Ascension is about evolution, the opportunity for each of us to consciously choose to evolve and be more than we currently are, more as an individual and as a collective.

Our entire planet and those that voyage with her are taking part in this shift (consciously or otherwise). To be conscious of the changes taking place would be ideal and many people (myself included) are actively seeking to find out more and embracing the changes. It won’t matter if you are not completely aware of the Shift, regardless of your ability to be aware or not, ascension and evolution will take place.

Sandra Walters, an Ascension Guide who serves the Light Intelligence of Source and helps others with the Shift in Consciousness on Gaia says ‘Ascension is a conscious process which requires a choice to engage with the unknown, in order to experience something brand new. It is a remarkable, challenging and rewarding process which frees the Self from perceived limitations. Ascension is a conscious choice to engage in evolution.’

Walters adds that the ‘Ascension process affects every aspect, level and layer of a person’s being-ness.’ I can certainly attest to this! I have found the fluctuations of energy that have been around have created a rolling choppiness at times over the last few years.

I’m already very sensitive to how energy flows and with the changes taking place energetically in the last few years I’ve been struggling to keep up with it at times, I’ve had to consciously take care of myself.

If I’m lucky I can ride the energy as it flows and then as I settle into the new energetic current I find myself ‘remembering’ all kinds of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and connection to divine aspects of myself. It feels like I have woken up spiritually after having been asleep for a long time, like the legendary Knights of the round table, asleep underground in Glastonbury waiting for the call to rise. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with the ability to physically sleep or relax during this time. If I listen to meditation music in bed all I end up doing is putting my tumbling thoughts to music. I’ve had to rely on guided meditation to help me get to sleep.

Dimensions are based on vibration. Each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the reality or experience within that dimension. Anything living on a planet must resonate with the vibrational level of that planet (or higher) or it cannot exist in that reality. As the frequency of the Earth changes, everything on her surface is affected by this increase in frequency. Planetary Ascension is a change in frequency that takes every living soul with it.

I’ve had to clear and retrain myself to ignore the rattle of the lower ego states and rise up from being anchored to the ‘mud’ below. I don’t belong ‘down’ there anyway, but even as I continue to raise my frequency the planet’s frequency rise further still. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse to keep up, but there is a reward, I am beginning to feel more dynamic, I have more purposeful clarity and I understand my connection to Source more that I have ever understood it before.

I mentioned meditations which have helped me to sleep.  I’d like to introduce you to some of the voices who are in my head as I go to sleep, and do check out YouTube or Omvana, they both have a host of meditations (some free some not) to choose from.

Jason Stephenson: Can’t sleep, Meditation For Insomnia, Guided Voice, Gentle Music For Sleepless Nights, Relaxation.

Jason has a great voice, warm and nurturing. I felt very safe when listening to him. I contacted Jason and we have decided to write some meditations together – cool.


Louise Hay: Self love – Body Healing – Guided Meditation Change your life

Louise is a legend. Part of the ascension process is to raise the level of self love and self belief you feel. Louise helped me with this on many occaisions!



And, if you really want some variety follow this link to Omvana. Let me know which ones you like so I can add them to my list.

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