…and the Fish ran away with the spoon!

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…and the Fish ran away with the spoon!

One of my favourite dives underwater was when I was  on a particular photographic safari during my PADI underwater photography course.


The Clown fish were not interested in the Spoon at all

Our  mentor, a fantastic teacher called Maria Munn, had suggested we borrow a dessert spoon from the hotel restaurant and take it with us on our next dive. We were briefed to show it to the fish during our next dive and see what happened.  To cut a long story short, we showed the spoon to a lot of different fish on that particular reef and no matter how we held it out or waggled it about the spoon was completely ignored … we were just wondering if we were being taken for fools by Maria when suddenly we were dive bombed by a Lion Fish.

For those of you that have not heard of Lion fish they are, perhaps, one of the most easily identifyable fish on the reef.  They look like stripey brown Angel fish crossed with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They are only about 30cms in length and they swoop and glide through the seawater with ease, parking on the undersides of reef corals, eyes closed pretending to be asleep.  Don’t be fooled though, these Lionfish possess venomous dorsal, pelvic, and anal spines that puncture the skin and deliver neurotoxins into the poor victim who can become rendered completely paralysed and unable to breathe. Thinking postiviely though,   these fish are not generally aggressive and being ‘spiked’ is more likely to be an accident than anything so  as long as you stay away from the spines, you’re good to go! The  problem was that this Lionfish had fixed his attention on the shiney spoon and we were on the other end of it, we were now being followed, actively persued by a covetous Lion Fish & wherever THAT spoon went so did he! Cheers Maria!


Spoon smitten Lion Fish in hot persuit

So, there we were at 12metres under the surface of the Sea in this tight spot with a Lion Fish in hot persuit. We certainly couldn’t escape by outswimming the Fish and there was nothing to hide the spoon or ourselves behind and HE clearly knew we had got it.  It was a stale mate, a stand off. We stopped swimming and so did he, we swam on and he followed. We were afraid for our safety at first, but it became clear that he wasn’t actually interested in us at all,  he was totally fixated on the spoon, he was absolutely hypnotised by this sublime alien metal thing. He was curious, his body language was suddenly changing, in that moment he actually looked like a bouncing puppy eagerly waiting for you to throw a stick…throw the stick!


Lion Fish gazed longlingly at the fascinating Spoon

So, what else could we do but ‘throw the stick!’

The silver spoon went sailing through the water and the Lion Fish immediately took flight after it sailing through the water in persuit. As the spoon finally landed on the sea bed the Lion Fish stopped and gently manouvered himself to a nearby rock where he perched and gazed lovingly toward it, utterly enraptured by this curious thing. The Lion Fish sat on that rock for an age, simply tilted forward…lost in the moment of desire and fascination.

Danger now behind us, the only dilemma we eventually faced on that Dive was a simple one, should we return the ‘borrowed’ Spoon to the Hotel or not? It became crystal clear that no-one was interested in risking it. Better to suffer the wrath of an angry Hotel Manager for a lost spoon than risk the wrath of a bewitched Lion Fish to retrieve it!

Reflection of a Mermaid:

Being a Mermaid I must confess to feeling much the same as the Lion Fish when I see an unusual metal object that glints and shines or somehow catches my attention.  I am a sucker for anything glittery or sparkly ~ but I don’t do bling, bling is overwhelming & it’s certainly too much for me.
I do  little bits of exquisite. I favour unique treasures. I keep it understated and elegantly beautiful if I can describe it that way.


My most recent ‘covet’ are these superb little pendants, pieces of precious ‘META’  metalwork that have me transfixed everytime I see photos of them.pieces of precious ‘META’  metalwork that have me transfixed everytime I see photos of them. They are the creation of Gregory Hoag of MetaForms in the USA. They are based on sacred geometry, energy and chakras which I am also fascinated by so these pieces tick all the boxes.  Alas, I have not yet been able to acquire one as they are hundreds of dollars each but who knows what could happen in time!  Here’s a sketch of the i-connect (no gem cabouchons) and also the heart companions that are available. The ‘Heart Companion’ is an advanced sacred geometric tool that opens your heart to Source, while grounding you to Mother Earth. It’s energy Jewellery Technology blending beauty and empowerment.







I have also discovered a marvellous range of pendants from a husband and wife team in Arizona, they hand make an amazing array of ‘lovely’ things although, alas, they are not made in silver or gold (no nickel or lead though).. I noticed they do a buy 3 get one free offer and I’m not suprised, the problem is which ones to choose!

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