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Live your life to the full, follow my lead and discover how to nourish and nurture yourself body mind & spirit.

As an expert ‘Energist’ I spend my time exploring my Oceans of Possibilities … join me & achieve your dreams in the easiest way.


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Taking inspiration from the Quantum, Celestial, Physical and Internal energy Oceans,  I’m on a mission to show how a better understanding of our natural energetic origins can change your life. Immerse yourself in the Authentic Mermaid’s Oceans of Possibilities & achieve your dreams in the easiest way.


Immerse yourself ‘body, mind, spirit & essence’ in my Oceans of Possibilities and let me show you how to achieve your dreams in the easiest way.”

“These are my Oceans of possibilities: The Quantum Oceans – where the creative energies manifest dreams into reality.  The Celestial Oceans – where material elements are constructed with infinite possibilities. The Physical Oceans – the curator of our planet and the source of life on this Earth. The Inner Oceans – the blood plasma, intercellular fluid, lymph and amniotic fluids.


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Amanda is an expert ‘Energist’, gifted natural healer, qualified Kinesiologist, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

As a multi-passionate British businesswoman, fun loving entrepreneur and enthusiastic nurturing product pioneer, Amanda would love to hear from you! Follow her on Twitter, Facebook or send in an email via the contact form.

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